Want to help me write a book?

Dear Students, 

Want to help me write a book? 

Over the years, students have asked great questions that inspired workshops, retreats, and Immersions. Students in public classes often ask where and how to learn more. I feel a great need for a primer or "guidebook" to the process of practice.

As a student, I too searched for a book that would help me understand the subtle transformative process of practice, the lineage of yoga, and also some practical tools for getting better with the physical postures. I've never found what I was looking for, so I've decided to write it

The writing process is a labor of love, and when I hit a wall, I return to your questions. In fact, in the Eastern Traditions, texts are often written in conversation or shastra. With this structure it feels like book is writing itself, however, it'd be even better actually have your questions

So the searchlight is on, what are your burning questions about yoga

Nothing come to mind? Right now, my writing is focused on the spine, the bandhas, the chakras, and Surya Namaskar. Anything pop up? 

Leave your questions in the comment section below because then the community can connect and you'll learn from each other too. 

Thank you for your contribution.