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Who Are You? The 5 Koshas and Pranayama Power

I've had some unique teaching opportunities lately, including corporate retreats, teaching the staff of a homeless shelter, and working with clients referred to me by a cardiologist (we're using yoga to reduce stress and improve their heart health!). Despite how different these demographics seem, my focus has been the same - The Breath. Why? Because the breath is the key to transformation in the body and the mind. The yogis of old dedicated a whole science and system to breathing techniques - Pranayama.  To better understand the role of the breath on the body and the mind, check out these articles on the 5 Koshas. Then use the Home Practice Resources to develop your own Pranayama Power. 

Read me first! The 5 Koshas

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Recorded practice: Home Practice MP3: Powered by Prana

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