Session 4 Drop-In - Yoga Club - Fall 2018


Session 4 Drop-In - Yoga Club - Fall 2018


Yoga Club - Fall 2018

Session 4: Svadhyaya and the Root of the Heart

Day/Time: Sundays, 10am-1pm. 

Date: 11/11

Included in Course: 

  • Recorded Lectures.

  • Recommended reading and study resources

  • Home Practice MP3s


Yoga Club.

In-Depth, On-the-Regular, Close-to-Home. 


Fall 2018: The Niyamas + Major Movers.  

For Fall Semester of Yoga Club, we’ll return to the Niyamas. These are the internal observances listed by Patanjali in his 8 aids to Yoga (Astanga Yoga). The Niyamas move you towards yoga by re-aligning your inner world. 

Parallel to the Niyamas (which are major movers of spiritual practice), we’ll study the “major movers” of the body. These are smaller, more subtle muscles; they're not super sensational because they are deep or asleep; the size and structure make them more difficult to feel and fire. However, once activated, they add another dimension of intelligence to your body and possibility for your practice.