Yoga Club - Fearless Fridays


Yoga Club - Fearless Fridays


Fearless Fridays : Seeking Susumna

Dates for Spring Semester: 2/17, 3/10, 4/14, 5/5

Location: Tantara SF 914 Pacific Ave, San Francisco



Yoga Club. 

In-Depth, On-the-Regular, Close-to-Home. 

Spring Semester of Yoga Club will be Fearless Fridays: Seeking Susumna. Susumna Nadi is the central energy channel that runs parallel to the spine. Susumna is said to be "the eye of the hurricane" - unaffected by powerful energies swirling around it. During this semester of Yoga Club, you'll learn about the 4 Curves of the Spine, Deep Core, the Chakras, and how to become more established in your center amidst all life's circumstances. 

Each 3-hour session will include: 

  • Practice Prep - experiential anatomy, alignment clarity, philosophy, and awareness exercises set the stage for profound practice 
  • Practice - strong physical practice with "workshop-ing" of poses and refined action for big breakthroughs
  • Practice De-compression - answering questions, reviewing teachings, "homework" and how to take the knowledge with you

Sessions limited to 10 students for more attention, adjustments, and connection.