Daylong Retreat: Free Your Fascia


Daylong Retreat: Free Your Fascia


Saturday, 7/27, 10am-6pm

Ever feel stuck in your body? Like things have gotten shrink-wrapped together?

maybe your…

  • IT band generates eye-watering agony/ecstasy every time you stretch it? (think revolved triangle)

  • low back is stiff and resistant to stretching (and backbending, and sitting, and standing… and well…. your low back is just cranky….)

  • upper back feels like a block of stone rather than a supple structure (and cobra never seems to improve)

Sound like you?? It’s time to Free Your Fascia!

Fascia is the connective structures that run around your muscles, encase your organs, and even weave through your bones. Many bodyworkers believe THIS (not your muscles!!) is the key to freedom in your body.

When you learn about fascia, you experience your body differently. After just scratching the surface of this in classes, students reported life long injuries loosening, opening, unraveling. So we’re goin’ to make a day of it.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Open your connective tissue when practicing so that asana feels more like massage.  

  • Make the stretch “stick” so you feel like you’re making progress with your flexibility and alignment (vs. going in and having to do it all over again every practice). 

  • Keep the body “juicy” and fluid vs. stiff and brittle over time.

  • Use the state of your fascia as a “stress test”


Day Long Retreat Schedule

10-11am - Fascia: the Inner-Net and Plane of Prana

11am - 1:30pm - Low Back, Hips and Legs Practice

1:30-3pm - Brunch Break - enjoy the delicious offerings of the Fillmore District

3 - 4pm - Fascia: the residual tension of stress and how to unravel regularly

5- 6pm - Upper Back, Chest, and Neck Practice

Photo from the cover of Joanne Avison’s book “Yoga: Fascia, Anatomy and Movement