Bandha Breakthrough: Sunday Session


Bandha Breakthrough: Sunday Session

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Sunday - 9/29


Clarity. Levity. Energy. That’s what the Bandhas bring to my practice. When I teach them it’s a synthesis of traditional asana techniques, information picked up from PTs and the inspiration of Fascia/Structural Integration/Anatomy Trains.

In the Bandha Breakthough, you’ll learn the physical realities of the Deep Core plus the energetic experience of the Bandhas. You’ll discover why they are less like “locks” and more like “links” - points of communication, integration, and exchange.

Sunday - Day 2: Breath, Prana, & Power: The Energetic Experience of the Bandhas

Yoga never stops with the physical body. In day 2 of the Immersion, you’ll learn how the Bandhas influence the energetic body - the Fascia, Prana, and Chakras. Develop a core breath that brings balance and lightness in poses like Bakasana and Headstand. Use your Bandhas to stabilize your low back and deepen backbends like Camel and Bow.


Weekend Immersion Schedule

Day Two: Breath, Prana, & Power: The Energetic Experience of the Bandhas

10-11am - Bandhas, Breath, and the Energy Body

11am - 1:30pm - Learn to Levitate Practice

1:30-3pm - Brunch Break - enjoy the delicious offerings of the Fillmore District

3:00- 4:00pm - Bandhas and “Second Attention” Meditation

4:00- 6pm - Brilliant Backbends for Low Back Love