The Yoga Space is intended to be less of a studio and more of a school. Classes are “semi-private” with 5 – 12 students. This size is small enough to ensure individual attention but big enough to generate momentum and the encouragement of community.


Semi-Private Classes are offered with the following price structures:

  • $37/class for a drop-in

  • $108 for 1-class/week with an Eka Membership*

  • $20/class with Sukha and Maha Membership Plans *

    *Includes a private session bonus.

The memberships allow for curriculum-based learning, create consistency in your practice, and encourage community with classmates. Memberships Plans also include a private session because all students benefit from 1-1 time.

Eka Membership:

  • 1 class/week

  • up to 5 classes/month

  • 60-minute private session every 4 months 


Sukha Membership:

Maha Membership:

  • 2 classes/week + 60-minute private session every 4 months  


  • 1 class/week + 90-minute Private Session each month


  • 2 classes/week + 90-minute private session month 


  • 3 classes/week + 60-minute private session every 4 months


Pricing & Membership FAQs

Why is this pricing structure different from studios?

Yoga at the Space is intended to be more education-oriented than studio classes. The memberships create consistency in your practice and encourage community with classmates. Memberships include a private session bonus because all students benefit from 1-1 time. Regular rates for private sessions are 60/minutes = $140, 90/minutes = $160 so these bonuses are a big bang for your buck and your practice.


Which plan is best for me?

That depends on how regularly you attend class.

·      Unable to attend consistently? Drop-Ins are best when you’re hit and miss.

·      Coming at least 3x/month? With the Eka Membership you have 5 classes/month. These can include Saturday Session Workshops, Second Sundays, and Pop-Ups. You also get a private session bonus every 4 months.

·      Plan to come at least 6x/month? Then the Sukha Membership is a great deal because you have 8 classes/month. Or you can add a monthly private session to the 5 classes/month at the Eka level.

·      Want it all???? You need a Maha Membership. If you want regular private sessions and all the classes you can get, the Maha Membership is for you. You have 2 options: 8 classes and (1) 90-minute private session per month or 12 classes/month.

How does membership work?

The membership programs are monthly auto-debit subscriptions. With your membership, you get a certain amount of classes per month. If you miss classes for work, travel, under-the-weather, you can swap classes (for example, you miss Tuesday morning then come to Thursday evening instead). You can also come to the 2-hour Saturday Sessions, Sunday Art of Asana classes, and Pop-Ups.


Can I just pay for the classes I can attend? 

Yes, when you can only come sporadically, register as a “Drop-In”. Keep in mind that membership options are often a better deal.


What if I’m traveling or miss classes? 

Pricing takes into consideration the necessity of missing class now and then. You can do “makeup” classes on other weeks/months. Take advantage of workshops like the monthly-ish Saturday Sessions, the Second Sunday Art of Asana classes, or Holiday Pop-Ups. Also, with membership, if you’re traveling or away, take advantage of your private session bonus!


What if Alison is traveling or misses classes? 

I will occasionally miss class due to illness and other life events (like family time, holidays, jury duty). When this occurs, I will do my best to reschedule class. With longer absences, like vacation or studying, I might invite a guest teacher, give you the opportunity to “make up” the hours with me,ka  and/or issue you a credit.


What if I want to put my membership on hold or cancel? 

Membership asks for at least a 4-month commitment. You may put your membership on hold 1x/year. You can cancel or change your membership plan at anytime online or email Alison directly.


 What if semi-private classes are out of my budget? 

If price is the only obstacle, there are work-trade opportunities. For work-trade, contact Alison directly.


 Questions? Requests? email