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Yoga Club was inspired by a common question: after Retreats and Immersions, students ask, "how do I get more of this?". There was a strong need for in-depth studies, on-the-regular, close to home. Yoga Club is the answer. 

Yoga Club is a small, dedicated group (8-12 students) so you receive more attention, adjustments, and connection. Everyone is committed to the semester, so we can really dive deep and cover more ground - with postures, philosophy and practice methodology. There are resources and recordings for learning after the course too. 

When you say the “vast lineage of yoga” I’ve known it’s true, but never felt the weight of it.  Finding something deeper seemed like a faraway country with no boat or map to get there. Yoga Club has given me a visceral experience of that vast lineage and a toe dip into those faraway lands.” 
— student of Yoga Club

Summer School 2018: The Great Questions.  

Day/Time: Sacred Sundays, 10am-1pm

Dates: June 24, July 8, July 29, August 5

Location: a private studio in San Francisco

Yoga asks great questions. Questions that stir the spirit, spark desire and send you questing through your inner landscape.

This summer school addition of Yoga Club explores the great questions of Yoga and the foundations of yoga philosophy. You then embody these big philosophical concepts through posture practice.  

1 or 2 drop-ins available per session! 

With a Drop-In, you'll receive all of the course materials and home practice resources. 

Course Curriculum: 

Session 1: Who Am I?  - The 5 Koshas

Date: June 24 - Register Here for Session 1

Who are you? Are you your body? Your thoughts? Your personality? Yoga has a very specific model for who we are - the koshas - 5 layers of being. Practice of Asana, pranayama, meditation, and mantra works directly on different layers of you. 

Session 2: What is Yoga?  - Lila - the Divine Play

Date: July 8 - Register Here for Session 2

Yoga is defined as yoking, unifying, connecting... have you ever questioned what? What are you bringing together into yoga? In the Yoga Tradition, there is the underlying idea that all of creation is a divine interplay of opposites. You can see it in your breath, the sun/moon, the creation that occurs from male/female.

Yet there is sometimes a fight against opposites - life/death, joy/sorrow, gain/loss. Attachment and unreasonable expectations - ex. wanting (expecting?) to always be happy - causes suffering. Through practice, instead of fighting and struggling with this play of opposite, you learn to dance.

Session 3: Where are we going?  - Embodied Liberation

Date: July 29 - Register Here for Session 3

What is the end goal of yoga? Yoga is dedicated to finding freedom. The Laws of Karma bind us. Yet through practice, you can be liberated from conditioning. This is as big as making major life changes and as small as having more control over your thoughts and moods. 

Session 4: How do we get there? - Persistence & Surrender

Date: August 5 - Register Here for Session 4

There are only 2 requirements for anyone to achieve yoga. Abhyasa - Persitent Effort - keep on keepin on... and Vairagya - non-attachment, “not getting stirred up” , relinquishing control of results. When you apply these 2 principles to practice, you soar to the heights of yoga. 

Did you miss the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Course? 

Good news is that Online Study is available! With the online version, you will receive all of the course materials - included recorded lectures, study guides, home practice sequences, and audio recorded classes. 

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Online Course

Interested in future courses? 

Every semester Yoga Club has filled up with dedicated students before it gets announced to the public. If you want to be a part of it, sign up for early registration below. 

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