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Full Spectrum Saturdays

  • The Space SF 1426 Fillmore St, Suite 203 San Francisco United States (map)

Full Spectrum Saturdays.

A “Full Spectrum” practice means that we’ll cover all categories of poses for a well rounded and satisfying experience. The extended time will allow for a deliberate and rhythmic pace plus depth and discovery.

During this series, we’ll also use the Five Mahabhutas or 5 Great Elements to guide our effort and awareness. When you use the 5 elements to feel into your body, alignment becomes more intuitive and action becomes more organic.

With the 5 Elements, you’ll circumvent the thinking mind and instead of being trapped in right/wrong, good/bad, you’ll gain access to the feeling presence of the body and generate a state of wonder and exploration in your practice.


Saturdays, 10am-12pm

2/9 - Session 1: Earth - the roots of the body - feet and hands

3/9 - Session 2: Water - free-flowing hips and the current of the low back

3/23 - Session 3: Fire - ignite the abdominals and deep core

4/13 - Session 4: Air - uplift your heart

5/4 - Session 5: Space - expansive breath, liberated body

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