Clear Blue Sky - Visualization Meditation MP3

This is the "Clear Blue Sky" Visualization Meditation from the Ajna "Command" or 3rd Eye Chakra Classes. 

Just like there are many different poses, there are many different practices and "shapes" of meditation. There are meditations on the breath, loving kindness, or walking. With visualization meditation, you turn your sense of sight inward and utilize your imagination to expand your perception.

This was recorded during class and is only about 6 minutes. I recommend setting a timer for the amount of time you want to meditate then use this recording to get you started. 

Download the MP3 File by Clicking Below. 

Clear Blue Sky _Visualization Meditation MP3

Seeking Susumna

Obviously the spine is of vital importance for the physical body, and the Yoga Tradition describes yet another layer – Susumna Nadi – running parallel to the spine. Nadi means “channel” or “pulse”. It’s the yogic equivalent of an energetic vein or meridian. Susumna is referred to as the Eye of Hurricane or the Center of the Spinning Wheel because life in the body revolves around this central axis. Susumna is the super-highway for prana (vital energy or life-force). It’s a place of stillness, calm, focus and connection. It’s an ideal, like Samadhi, Nirvana, or Enlightenment.