Yoga Club - Sacred Structure (Re-enrollment)

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Yoga Club - Sacred Structure (Re-enrollment)


Yoga Club - Spring Semester 2018

Day/Time: Sundays 10-1 

Dates: 2/18; 3/4; 4/1; 4/15; 4/29

Included in Course: 

  • (5) 3-hour workshops for anatomy, alignment and posture practice. 
  • Recommended reading from The Yamas + Niyamas book by Deborah Adele
  • Recorded meditations and mantras
  • Journaling exercises and self-inquiry homework
  • Home Practice MP3s 

Yoga Club.

In-Depth, On-the-Regular, Close-to-Home. 

Spring Semester 2018: The Yamas.  

The Yamas & Niyamas are the moral code for yoga practitioners. They provide deep structural support for living your yoga. These principles bring integrity to our actions, compassion to our hearts and peace of mind. 

Parallel to these moral pillars, you’ll also study the pillars of the body - your bones. You’ll learn how to create sthira - support, strength and steadiness - for more sukham - good space - in your joints and ease in your muscles.