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 Mentoring is available for practitioners and teachers. 

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For Practitioners - Satya Sessions

Satya comes from the root word sat meaning true, that which has no distortion, the unchangeable. Satya Sessions are for dedicated practitioners seeking a practice to unveil deeper truths about their Self and the nature of Reality.

In these sessions, you'll personalize and expand your posture practice. Plus, break out of the mold of Asana and explore other modalities of awakening, including: 

  • Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) to understand and unravel your karma
  • Mantra and Meditation to purify your mind
  • Traditional Yoga Texts and Moderns Marvels to better understand the nature of reality

With Satya Sessions, you'll stretch your practice off the mat and strengthen the yoga in your life. You'll develop integrity and clarity about your practice, path, and purpose.

For Teachers - A Consistent Compass

Navigating the terrain of teaching yoga can be daunting. With mentoring, you have a clear and consistent compass for moving forward.

Your mentoring sessions will be full of "I-wish-someone-would-have-told-me-this-years-ago" insight. You'll have help to overcome the inevitable hurdles and hesitations.

All mentoring is completely customizable based on the teachers current needs, goals, and financial ability. 

Skill Building for teachers: 

Teaching Skills - Develop your "hard skills" - adjustments, noticing mis-alignments, sequencing - as well as "soft skills" - student interaction, storytelling, class-themes and growing community. 

Private Session Perfection - Learn to teach transformative 1-1 sessions. Receive templates for in-take forms, assessments and diagnostics, packages and pricing. 

Business Development- Learn business skills and strategies. How to propel yourself from public classes into workshop offerings and retreats. Gain perspective on websites, newsletter, marketing and promotional strategies, organization and planning.  

Is Mentoring right for you? 

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Teaching 101

Click Here to listen to a Mentoring Call about getting started teaching: Teaching 101