"I aim to be an educator, rather than an instructor."

Alison is known for her playful fire, inquisitive nature, and technical expertise. Her warmth and enthusiasm creates an engaging practice environment where students feel safe to grow and transform. With over a decade of teaching experience, Alison has a down-to-earth approach that makes the complexities of yoga easier to understand and relevant to your daily life. 

Alison truly sees the potential in all of her students. And for someone like me, or anyone who maybe doesn’t fit the typical yoga body type...or yoga age, or yoga ability....that acceptance and encouragement means the world.
— Heather Richardson


Alison was initially certified in Anusara Yoga and has spent many years under the tutelage and mentorship of Noah Maze. She continues to draw inspiration from her Ashtanga practice, Shadow Yoga, the classical texts of the Yoga Tradition, and her study of Jyotish.